Ant-Man ‘Fearlessness’

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Marvel’s Ant-Man ‘Fearlessness’ – Maker Studios & Disney (2015)

The legendary Michael Douglas sparked the ultimate YouTuber showdown – to find out who has what it takes to become the next Ant-Man. Leading UK YouTubers Joe Weller, Wroetoshaw and Calfreezy were set three Ant-Man style challenges in strength, agility and fearlessness. A series of three films was launched over the course of three days, one for each YouTuber’s channel, garnering over 7.5m views and 212k likes.
Client – Maker Studios & Disney
Producer – Holly Dillon
Director – Pete Gibbons
DP – Alex Layton
Cameraman & Editor – Laurence McKenna
Cameraman & Editor – Iain Slater
Drone – Jason McCleave
Sound – Rob Thomas
Editor – David Smith
Editor – Thom Hill