We make social films: developing the ideas, filming them and producing them; and then we can help you get them out there.

We work for brands, studios, public sector organisations and digital channels. We produce commissions for television and recently released our first feature film.

Branded Content


A bland term for videos that should entertain, engage and be so enjoyable to watch, you want to share them. We’d rather talk about branded content as social films. So we develop social films – compelling stories on behalf of brands – by properly working out who’s going to engage with them, how, and why. We do our best work when we go on the entire journey with our clients – from concept to delivery.
Although the strategy work informs our approach, it’s still the storytelling that sits in the driver’s seat. We were there at the start of drama formats moving online – with one of the first award winning dramas for social media – and learned that no amount of strategy can help you if your story’s not compelling, well told and constructed in the right timeframes for social viewing.
We build social films in a range of formats: from video for social platforms, to PR assets, commercials and internal communications. And we advise on the content strategy and marketing that helps get social films viewed.

Influencer Campaigns


Social media influencers offer unrivalled channels for speaking to young people and specific audiences. In many cases outstripping the reach of traditional media.

We’ve been developing content with influencers since the emergence of the earliest social media platforms. Working throughout this evolution we’ve learned you can’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to working with influencers.
Finding the unique individual suited to your audience is key. We know how to find and recruit the right influencers.  Equally important are effective integration of influencer content into campaigns and creating content that’s appropriate for the channels. We can devise, shoot and edit content that’s consistent with the influencer’s own output, for seamless audience enjoyment and engagement.

News Content


We have a background in news generation and production on both sides of the fence – the news desk and PR. We understand about crafting story angles and about getting them right for online or broadcast media.

Drama and Documentary


What we know in digital, we’re now taking back to traditional formats. Our productions range from drama to factual entertainment on commercial channels and the BBC. In 2015 we released our first feature, Between Two Worlds, in cinemas and on demand.

Radio Production


Okay, it’s not video, but the discipline of storytelling is the same. We’ve been at the helm of major shows across two decades, on stations like BBC Radio 5Live, XFM and talkSPORT – producing entire live shows, pre-records and podcasts. In 2014 our ‘Kick Off Mental Health’ with talkSPORT won Best Sports Documentary at the Sports Journalism Awards.



We’ve been experts in photography for as long as any other form of content – leading the creative development as well as the production of stills for PR and social campaigns. We have a large network of the best freelance photographers for any style of shoot: from portraits to news, reportage and behind-the–scenes.

We’re online first

Making social films is a formidable challenge. You can’t approach them like advertising, because it’s not a sales pitch (no matter how well the selling’s disguised). You can’t approach it like TV – not just because the screen’s smaller, but because the length, attention span and story arc are all smaller too. And you can’t approach it like a feature, because, well, budgets.

Our background’s in digital marketing, journalism and PR, so we learned our trade telling stories for online platforms – that are now the likes of Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook. We’re specialists in online video, that have broadened our expertise out to other formats, rather than experts from other disciplines trying to shoehorn their content into the online space. That makes our product formidable: for our competitors and for yours.

We’re an agency, not a production company

That means we develop videos knowing they’re part of campaigns. We develop a social film strategy that fits with campaign goals, but knows online’s different. We produce video with a purpose, but to entertain, not persuade. We tell smart stories, in inventive ways. We don’t just make pretty things, we make highly watchable video which fits perfectly in PR and digital campaigns as social films. We think you can tell when video’s been fun to make. And we believe video should be central to campaigns, not the add on at the end. We would say that, wouldn’t we? But if the social film is going to be the most viewed part of your campaign – the bit everything else hangs off – why would you not plan everything else around that?

We also know it’s not just about the content, it’s about getting people to watch it. So we have a lot of experience in the marketing and PR consultancy behind putting your videos in front of your audience.

We like to share

Our best work – and best ideas – come from being integrated into your agency mix, so we can work closely with your other agencies, as well as with you, our clients. It’s our collaborations that have produced the strongest results. A shared approach means we work well with talent and other creative partners. It also means we understand how to make things that are shareable: how to share with communities and what they’ll want to share with others.

Nik Selman
Managing Director

Nik is a PR and communications expert with over 15 years experience at leading agencies in the UK and USA working on major campaigns and events.

Starting his career as a music publicist in the Los Angeles office of Rogers & Cowan, Nik cut his teeth handling media management for events such as the GRAMMY Awards, the Soul Train Music Awards, and the Academy of Country Music Awards, as well as representing rock and country artists.

Moving back to his hometown of London, Nik joined Freud Communications and, over the period of more than a decade, handled campaigns and launches for clients across the entertainment, consumer brand, public and charity sectors.

With a specialism in live event media management and the content produced from major media moments, Nik has led some of the most high profile global launches of the past ten years, including: media management and content for the London 2012 Torch Relays; the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park; the Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai; the launch of Eurostar services from St. Pancras International; the Beijing to London Olympic Games Handover concert in The Mall; over 20 BAFTA awards ceremonies; and over 150 film premieres, including franchises such as Bond, Star Wars, Star Trek, Avengers, X-Men, Twilight, Spider-Man, and Fast & Furious.

Clients Nik has worked with over the years include LOCOG, Vodafone, Sky, BAFTA, Samsung, Burberry, Guinness, Kerzner International, Eurostar, Visit London, Make Poverty History, the Royal Albert Hall, AEG, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, eOne, Lionsgate, and the BFI.

Pete Gibbons
Creative Director

Pete is a multi-award winning producer who has been at the forefront of the digital content space for the past decade, pioneering new formats and new techniques. Previously a BBC journalist for 10 years before moving into content production, Pete has a passion for telling stories to engage and excite audiences.

His first foray into the digital content world was as producer of the UK’s first online drama, “KateModern”, which garnered two BAFTA nominations and a Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Innovation in Broadcasting. He then went on to produce the BBC’s first multi-platform drama, “The Cut”, which played online and aired on BBC Two as well as in over 65 countries worldwide.

More recently, Pete has been using his experience to tell stories through content on behalf of both established organisations and start-ups, as well as providing expertise and production for PR and marketing agencies across a range of sectors. He has also been applying his digital content specialism to the development of YouTube channels, creating television programming, and producing his first feature film.

Pete employs flexible and scalable production teams of best-in-class experts across all disciplines. The teams are equally adept at supporting large, multi-camera productions and high-quality, quick-turnaround content.

Hatty Hodgson
Senior Creative Producer

Erin Phipps
Production Coordinator

Holly Dillon

Holly is an experienced Producer with credits in television, feature films and digital content on both sides of the Atlantic.

Starting her career at the BBC with Formidable Creative Director Pete Gibbons, Holly continued to hone her skills working as freelance crew on commercials and short films. A move into the feature film industry eventually took her to Los Angeles in 2013 where she earned her stripes as an Assistant Director on numerous major productions for Marvel, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures and Disney, including Oscar-winning movies. Holly’s feature credits include Guardians of the Galaxy, Les Misérables, Fast & Furious 6 and Fury.

Since joining Formidable, Holly has used her expertise in production to produce digital content for PR and marketing campaigns across a range of sectors. Holly enjoys bringing creative ideas to life, assembling bespoke best-in-class teams to produce high quality content, and managing the detail from development through to delivery.

Stuart White
Director & DOP

Stuart works with us at Formidable as both a director and DOP.  Whether shooting on an Arri Alexa or strapping a GoPro to his head Stuart’s desire is to get the best possible imagery for the story at hand, managing to work at great speed without ever compromising the quality of the frame. Many of his projects – incorporating drama, commercials and promos – have garnered awards and nominations globally.

Iain Slater

Iain has been a professional filmmaker for nearly 10 years, working as a skilled shooting PD, director and editor, with a passion for live multi camera content.  Starting off at Radio 1, BBC Two and BBC online, he has since become freelance, and worked on many exciting projects for clients including EE, Red Bull and The X Factor.

When he’s not making content in the UK, he is off traveling the world, where he inescapably makes even more videos…he just really likes making videos…

David Smith
Shooting Director & Editor

“Smithy” is a multi-skilled director who specialises in self-shooting and editing and has a highly tuned understanding of online audiences.

In his early career, he spent 2 years at the BBC which included directing youth entertainment TV programmes for BBC2.

Since becoming freelance, he has channelled his love of technology and gaming into content creation and programming for major online channels such as SBTV, brands such as Google and Samsiung, and TV broadcasters.

Smithy’s meticulous planning, attention to detail and forward-thinking creativity have been instrumental in many Formidable campaigns for brands such as Airbnb, STA Travel, Lenovo, EA and talkSPORT to mention just a few.

Thom Hill

Thom is one of Formidable’s most versatile filmmakers. His eye for direction and camerawork, his technical knowhow, as well as his speedy editing has been instrumental across a range of campaigns for brand clients. Thom’s encyclopedic knowledge of sport and passion for music have led him to also pursue exciting long-term projects such as his current endeavour, a documentary celebrating 25 years of the Wall of Sound record label. Arriving in London from Boston in 2005, Thom cut his teeth making films in the music industry, from promos to studio shows and live concerts. He also served as the archivist for Yoko Ono and the Lennon Film Archive.

Vicky Rouine

Vicky is a talented young filmmaker, a rising star shooter and editor trained in disciplines ranging from television production to wildlife photography. When she’s not delivering client work, Vicky enjoys working on environmental and humanitarian projects including recent trips to Malawi and Nepal.

Simon Rodgers

Simon is a hugely experienced editor with a background in social content, drama, documentaries and commercials. His credits include the BAFTA-nominated online drama Who Killed Summer; short documentary Buying Back the Bombs; and online drama-game I Am Playr, winner of a Gold Cannes Lion. In between Formidable projects for clients such as Public Health England, Mars and Estee Lauder, Simon is currently working on the new documentary about Howard Marks, The Real Mr. Nice.

Tom Worth
Director & Editor

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